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Our mission

How we started

Our founder, Mr M. Susairaj, is from a poor remote village in Tamil Nadu but managed to get a university education. He wanted to help others from his own community and in 1990 he set up CECOWOR with a group of educated and socially concerned individuals; they worked in the villages using informal education. In 1992 it was registered as an organization and since then has extended its activities to include human rights advocacy, skills training and economic development. Mr. Susairaj has completed a thesis on The role of voluntary organizations in eliciting people's participation and has worked as a project consultant at the India Social Institute in New Delhi, assessing NGOs in Tamil Nadu.

The organization

We have a turnover of about 42,000 a year. Our donors include Action Children Aid Denmark, Danish India child care Denmark, Just Trust U.K. and the Tamil Nadu government. We have a good reputation in the area and recently won a national award for our performance. At present there are about 30 full-time staff and 30 part-time staff. They are encouraged to undergo further training.