Informal Education centres

Informal Education centres

Objective 1

Capacity building and improving academic performance of the 150 rural children in Gingee taluk at the 10th standard level. Provision information and career guidance.

  • One day training on Self development and self confidences building and motivation
  • One day Democracy and civil society participation,
  • One Human rights and basic laws pertaining to children
  • One environment awareness.
  • Provision of information to students on educational institutions, scholarship possibilities and government schemes and programmes
  • Career guidance to choose between options for study, available scholarships and loans, timings of application etc.

Objective 2

Provide short term employable skills training for 40 female and basic computer training for 30 children

  • One year/six month Tailoring/sewing and embroidery training at Mel malayanur and Aniladi vilagee
  • One year basic computer education at Gingee

Referring to suitable skills training centres or and to obtain scheme and programmes from the government and other institutions