Widows children support programme

Objective 1

Provision of children home facility for 45 children, short term shelter for 10 children and  provision of educational supplies, school uniform, school fee  for 145 Children.

  • 20 male children will be provided with safe shelter, three times meals, reading facility, health checkups, and assistance given to buy books, note books, school uniform and support to meet out the school fees expenses, a home like situation where they live and study with dignity, at CECOWOR premises for 11 months
  • The children home also will provide short stay (up to 3 days) for the missing and abandoned children whom we come in contact with through our 24 hours child helpline. The children will stay in home until their parents are traced or produce before the child welfare committee.
  • 25 female children are supported with hostel fee to stay and study in various homes specifically run for girls for 11 months. and assistance given to buy books, note books, school uniform and support to meet out the school fees expenses
  • 100 children of widows (children who are too young to be in homes and the ones who have the possibility to stay with their mothers but are not able to meet educational expenses) will be supported in this scheme. They will be given assistance to buy books, note books, school uniform, and stationeries and to meet out the school fees expenses.

Objective 2

Awareness, training and motivation to overcome low self esteem and develop self confidence for 140 children.

  • Training on self development and motivation to140 children
  • Awareness of their rights, mechanism available defend their rights 140 Children are given for a duration of 3 days
  • Picnic and exposure visits organised for 140 children

Objective 3

Support services to avail government schemes, to join higher education’s institutions, legal representations for all the children(about 20 in number) and basic computer training for 20 children

  • Provided information and guidance to 20 persons to avail government schemes and to join the higher education institute and provide legal representations
  • 20 children will be given training on basic computers at the computer training centre run by CECOWOR in Gingee