Key Persons

Mr. M.Susai Raj, Director and founder of CECOWOR. His educational background includes degrees in Master of Commerce, Master of Laws, and Diploma in Rural development and management. He has attended courses on NGO Management, Culture Creativity Coexistence in Denmark, and Peace Keeping and Peace Building in Austria.These roles include: Chief functionary of the organisation. Play a key role in framing policies and strategies. Planning and implementation of programmes, monitoring and evaluation through visits, review of periodical reports and project completion reports including financial reports.Guiding and leading the team.

Mr. R.John Bosco, Programme officer and coordinator for the ChildLine programme. He has worked for CECOWOR since 1992. He is a Graduate in Sociology and experienced in working with children’s rights and juridical rights. He has attended a 3 months course at International People’s Colleges in Denmark.

Mrs. Ambiga, Administrative officer and mentor at the school. Has a BA (English)M.A (Sociology) in History. Attended monitoring & evaluation capacity building training organized by ACA Denmark General Administration of CECOWOR, Oversee and monitors the finance division along with the accountant, Monitors and evaluates of the programme, periodically reporting to the funding Agencies.

Mr. Rajaraman M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed. principal of the school since 2010.He is looking after the overall management of the school and looking after the compliances of the education department.