Preschool centers and after school clubs

Preschool centers and after school clubs

Objective 1

Early childhood care and education to the children below six years by organizing crèche & preschool activity centres.

  • Run Crèche & Preschool activity centres for 60 children to run from 9.30 am to 4 pm. ‘Play and Learn’ method will be followed which will meet each child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs. Facilitate a relaxed, well-equipped and stimulating environment which gives them many opportunities for exploration and discovery, at their own pace, through play and play-based activities. Daily schedule will be designed to incorporate both self-selected activities and large group activities where children are encouraged to join in with music and movement, songs, finger-play, story-telling, games and language reinforcement activities. Besides the above said activities, teaching alphabets and numbers will be part of the crèche activities.
  • The physical, mental, social and emotional needs of the young child can be met through a clean and healthy environment. The crèche and activity centers will be centers of motivation for the parents and the children in order to nurture the habit of school going from early childhood.
  • Provide lunch for the children, Provide uniform dress materials and educational materials for the children.

Objective 2

Motivation to complete primary education by running after school clubs in three places.

  • After school clubs for 75 children at the age group of 6-12 years in 3 habitations. The working hours will be from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.The clubs will function as home work club; the children will be helped to do their home work, training on good hand writing skills, develop study skills, improve confidence and build self esteem. Encouragement for group study, promote practical general knowledge and organize edutainment programmes.
  • Provides a warm & encouraging atmosphere, learning takes place in a happy atmosphere which provides the children with a clean space supplied with electricity to work in.
  • Develop the habit of regularly going to school.
  • Children will be given uniform and educational materials.
  • Enrolment children in primary age in to school and Re enrolment

Objective 3

Increase awareness on pre natal and post natal care, early childhood education, positive parenting and government schemes and programmes

  • Awareness and Trainings on prenatal, postnatal  care and  various stages in the child’s development to mother pregnant women and potential mothers. positive parenting which includes.
  • Information:  Providing parents with information on schemes and services available from the government and other agencies. Provide information on the child welfare services and institutions protecting children’s rights etc. provide information on safe childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Advocacy: To avail the service from the government and other agencies in support of mother and child health. To facilitate nutrition, health services and immunization which must be made available to all children particularly those at risk.